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Body Worlds Vital. Australia Tour 2018

Yesterday I went to see Gunther von Hagens' Body Worlds Vital at the Melbourne Show Grounds.

This show is not for everyone, it was really confronting for me. I wanted to try and document my experience at Body Worlds as best I could to respect the people that donated their bodies.

BODY WORLDS Vital-65.jpg
The presentation of the pure physical reminds visitors to Body Worlds of the intangible and unfathomable. The plastinated post-mortal body illuminates the soul by its very absence. Plastination transforms the body, an object of individual mourning, into an object of reverence, learning, enlightenment, and appreciation. I hope for Body Worlds to be a place of enlightenment and contemplation, even of philosophical and religious self-recognition and open to interpretation regardless of the background and philosophy of life of the viewer - Gunther von Hagens.

I had to talk myself into going to see this show I am not a morbid person and the thought of seeing dead bodies does nor really interest me. I had read a lot about Hagens work and so I decided to check it out. I found most of the specimens interesting, it was fascinating to see certain body parts in ways and relationships that I had not seen before. It was fascinating how simultaneously adaptive and complex but small and fragile human beings really are.  

A really interesting and unusual attraction. At times I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing! It is not for the squeamish, it is very educational, very strange, I personally would not say it was entertaining though as I left feeling a little unsettled wondering about who these people were when they were alive.

Photos taken with a Fuji XT2 56 f1.2 & 16mm f1.4

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