Despite saying that I wouldn't I finally agreed to do a Wedding.

Sarah&Travis-201 copy.jpg

I have photographed everything over the years but this was my first Wedding. I agreed to do the Wedding after being recommended to the couple by a friend. I agreed to cover the Wedding on condition that  I could meet the couple first and do a pre shoot, to see if they like my style. I not a fan or formal rigid wedding photography like to shoot in a documentary style. The couple let me do my thing which I really enjoyed. It was a real Pleasure to cover their big day. I decided to leave my DSLRs in the bag and shoot the entire Wedding with a FUJI XT2 using a 10-24 f4, 56mm f1.2 and 16mm f1.4 it it lived up to my expectations, although if I do another wedding like this I will purchase another XT2 body, the freedom that I felt carrying the XT2 made the shoot more enjoyable.