Melbourne thought the eyes of children May 2019

A selection images from a fun job that I recently did, about seeing Melbourne through the eyes of children.

Taken with a Fuji XT2

Titanic Theatre Photoshoot March 2019

Titanic Theatre Photoshoot March photo shoot was taken in my small studio. All of the images were taken against a green screen with a three to five light setup depending on the scene. Each image represents an act in the show and will be used for promotional purposes. The backdrop images used were original Titanic photos as well as 3D computer generated images done in house when required. All images were then composited in Photoshop, I used Phottix Indra studio lights and triggers. For studio work I shoot with Nikon.

Body Worlds Vital. Australia Tour 2018

Yesterday I went to see Gunther von Hagens' Body Worlds Vital at the Melbourne Show Grounds.

This show is not for everyone, it was really confronting for me. I wanted to try and document my experience at Body Worlds as best I could to respect the people that donated their bodies.

BODY WORLDS Vital-65.jpg
The presentation of the pure physical reminds visitors to Body Worlds of the intangible and unfathomable. The plastinated post-mortal body illuminates the soul by its very absence. Plastination transforms the body, an object of individual mourning, into an object of reverence, learning, enlightenment, and appreciation. I hope for Body Worlds to be a place of enlightenment and contemplation, even of philosophical and religious self-recognition and open to interpretation regardless of the background and philosophy of life of the viewer - Gunther von Hagens.

I had to talk myself into going to see this show I am not a morbid person and the thought of seeing dead bodies does nor really interest me. I had read a lot about Hagens work and so I decided to check it out. I found most of the specimens interesting, it was fascinating to see certain body parts in ways and relationships that I had not seen before. It was fascinating how simultaneously adaptive and complex but small and fragile human beings really are.  

A really interesting and unusual attraction. At times I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing! It is not for the squeamish, it is very educational, very strange, I personally would not say it was entertaining though as I left feeling a little unsettled wondering about who these people were when they were alive.

Photos taken with a Fuji XT2 56 f1.2 & 16mm f1.4

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Despite saying that I wouldn't I finally agreed to do a Wedding.



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The Majestic Werribee Mansion and formal gardens.

I have wanted to take a drone shot of the Werribee mansion for some time. The park is run by Parks Victoria who have banned drones from operating on their land. Lucky for me a road runs close by and I was able to launch from the side of the road to a height of 120m without entering the park to get this shot. This image is a composite of 12 images.

Not in Wyndham Protest February 13th 2017.

I was honoured to be the official photographer for the Not in Wyndham protest against the development of a detention centre in Wyndham. #notinwerribeesouth

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