David Mullins

As a young man David followed his family to Australia and settled in Melbourne before following his fathers footsteps by entering the aviation industry.
Having developed an avid interest in design, architecture, photography and 3D modelling he was taught the difficult art of lofting by hand. Lofting is the methodology and skills used to transform 2D shapes into 3D objects. This skill was further developed when computer based CAD systems became more affordable for the creative artist.
Over a period of twenty years David has immersed himself in the visual arts using very complex software to turn imagination into real life images and objects.
Bridging the gap between solid engineering and design skills with the eye of the photographer enables him to create virtual reflections of animate and inanimate objects and scenes with stunning realism.
He also has over ten years’ experience in 3D printing technology having been an early adopter of the technology for prototyping client’s ideas.
He is recognised as the realisation force behind some iconic designs and award winning installations.

A true gentlemen in the fullest sense his personable demeanour and absolute discretion is sought out by clients who value his talent and ability to deliver without compromise.

Mark Doehmann 2013